We are a Research and Development startup, focussed on Text Analytics. The word, 'tationem' (pronounced te-sho-nem) is a Latin word, which literally translates to 'new direction' in English. Our name best describes our aspirations to take the text analytics to the new direction.

Text Analytics find wide range of applications from Life Sciences , to Contextual Advertising, to CRM, to Public Administration & Policy. Businesses that deal in these areas possess a wealth of information, but are not even aware of the leverage this information can provide them. The lack of right tool to mine the actionable insights from unstructured text, just makes great opportunitie go waste. We are addressing this problem by building tools that unlock the massive potiential of these businesses.


We are constantly working on futuristic products which will add value to your business.



Text Analytics Platform

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Our Journey

  • 2011-2013

    Our Humble Beginnings

    We always dreamt about being entrepreneurs, in future. Though in different countries, differnt jobs, we always kept our eyes open to the projects we were working on. The ideation, further delibertion, and associated thoughts were always excting. Data Science has ever since been our common interest!

  • March 2013

    Now, the plans needed to materialize

    This was the time we decided, there was not point waiting any longer and got started seriously.


    May 2013

    Tationem is born

    It is said that for entrepreneurs, their startup is as dear to them as their own child.

  • September 2014

    Lisbon Challenge

    After numerous media features, hiring some of the best interns, signing up some very useful MoUs, making it to the Lisbon Challenge was the first venture, at the international arena. Additionally, getting shorlisted at prominent NASSCOM events too coincided during the same phase.


Our Amazing Team


Pratheek M S

Director Of Engineering

Vijaykant Nadadur

Founder & CEO (Data Science)

Sendhil Kumar

Co-Founder, CMO (Tech Sales)




Dr. Sesh Venugopal

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Rutgers (USA)

Dr. John Harney

Computer Scientist
Oak Ridge National Lab (USA)

Dr. Jeremiah Olson

Asst. Professor
University of Michigan (USA)

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