Kliff Kingsbury let Kyler Murray call plays in training to teach him ‘that shit ain’t easy’

Arizona Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury wants quarterback Kyler Murray to understand one thing about play calls: “It’s not easy.”

Kingsbury gave Murray a chance to call plays in practice and gave an evaluation of Murray as a play caller. The verdict: Kingsbury wouldn’t want to play for Murray.

As Kingsbury explained, he let Murray call the plays for backup quarterbacks on Saturday. Kingsbury made the decision so Murray could experience what it was like to call plays during a match. Kingsbury then joked that he wouldn’t want to play for Murray, as Murray kept talking to the quarterbacks until they kicked the ball.

These quotes may be read maliciously, but Kingsbury was smiling and joking as he conveyed his thoughts, according to Cardinals writer Darren Urban. Kingsbury said Murray has done a good job, but is unlikely to call any more plays in practice.

Kyler Murray and Kliff Kingsbury face critical season together

It’s important that Kingsbury and Murray are on the same page heading into the 2022 NFL season. Both men face a critical season together. Although Murray signed a mega-deal with the Cardinals, he faces pressure to deliver after another second-half fade and a disappointing playoff performance.

Kingsbury also bears some responsibility for the team’s second-half struggles. The Cardinals opened the 2021 NFL season 7-0 before going 4-6 the rest of the way. Another poor performance late in the season or in the playoffs could push Kingsbury out of work.

The team must be tested immediately. The Cardinals open the season against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 1. Arizona also plays in one of the toughest divisions in the NFL and will face the Los Angeles Rams in Week 3.

These aren’t games to be won, but it could provide some insight into the possibility of Murray and the Cardinals taking a step forward in 2022.

Kliff Kingsbury and Kyler Murray are facing a critical season with the Cardinals. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

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