Mac Jones says his offense is always trying to learn new basic plays

FOXBORO — There have been times during this training camp when the Patriots offense has looked disjointed. The race lock was not there. The lack of pass blocking often forced Mac Jones out of the pocket or tossed the ball. The whole operation seemed out of sync.

After seeing the changes that have been made on offense, it’s clear that Jones and the offense are struggling to address the issues with the new offensive system.

Throughout the offseason, we’ve heard how the Patriots offense has been streamlined following the move of longtime offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels to Las Vegas. Players said it’s been “simplified” with new terminology that makes games easier to learn. After two days of padded training, we’ve seen what the players are referring to when it comes to changes on the attacking side.

‘It just goes faster’:With new play calls, Patriots excited about streamlined offense

Patriots quarterback Mac Jones takes part in a drill in June.  Jones and the offense are struggling to resolve issues with the new offensive system implemented in this training camp.

On Tuesday, Jones explained that his offense is still trying to learn the new basic plays. He’s not even to the point where he’s changing the game on the line of scrimmage since they’re in the infancy stage of that learning process.

“Right now, we’re just trying to get our base pieces released and see them on film. That’s the biggest part,” Jones said. “Every attack has a system where it can change the game and so can we. When you get there, you get there, but for now it’s more about the fundamentals.

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