Matt Smith’s Summer Of Morbius Ends Unceremoniously

Matt Smith

Matt Smith
Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

Despite Sony many attempts to lure people to the cinema to see a movie about a “living vampire”, American audiences have been more than happy to just memorize the idea of ​​a Morbius film. After all, memorizing the movie is basically seeing it, and this recent trend of memorizers treating the slop that the American film studios pour into our bins like great art (see: the Gentleminions) is very funny. Definitely funnier than Dr Michael Morbius played by a guy who pretends to be handicapped so he could accurately inhabit a D-level Spider-Man villain.

But even after director Daniel Espinosa told the press he feels “a lot of self hate“As the film goes on, the public always wants to know what everyone who participated in Morbius think of its disappointing box office. Case in point: Matt Smith, who played the classic Marvel character “Milo” in the film. After surviving the public harangues of a meme-happy attending Comic-Con two weeks agoo, Smith faced the indignity of having rolling stone ask him questions Morbius. At least this time, Smith didn’t have to hear someone shout “It’s Morbin’s time” at him.

Naturally, Smith, who has spent the decade playing iconic characters, like Doctor, Prince Philipand Charles Manson, understand that sometimes these things hit and sometimes not. “Yeah, he got thrown under the bus,” he smiled. “But just roll with it. What else are you gonna do? It’s a film, in the end, we don’t save lives. For some reason it didn’t quite work out and… It is what it is.

Smith has bigger fish to fry these days. Play Daemon Targaryen on the still not canceled game of thrones prequel Dragon HouseSmith had to contend for one of the most extravagant platinum blonde wigs in television history.

“It looks great but it’s a fucking pain in the ass,” Smith says of the platinum wig that was her constant companion during the 10 months of filming. “It took an hour and a quarter to put on every day. I was like, ‘Obviously the Targaryens are known for their blonde hair – but can’t we just give it some highlights?’ Morbius questions. We need to know how Daemon protects itself from split ends.

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