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Otter of My Life

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STORY ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ

" Ashley wake up and it's time to go to the open day for high schools.
The school's Ashley is visiting have 5 programs: Art, music, theater, media and dance.
Which one to choose?! Meeting other students will be fun . . . or?


Enjoy the fun side of school. . . and the bad one. Choose which program you want to study and get to know more about the students at Hikori High school. Depending on your choices gain a true friends or hurt other to get what you want. A interactive fiction where you decided how the story will progress.


  • Game Controll Support (View manual, right section store page)
  • Includes in total 25 days, 5 good endings, 9 bad relationship endings & 7 bad story endings
  • 20+ CG's images
  • 5 romanceable otters & get to know 5 side characters
  • Choose pronouns


★ Erick: A exchange student from Sweden. He is shy and a otaku. | L(G)BT

★ Hibiki: A hotheaded rocker but loyal to her friends. | LG(B)T

★ Takara: The popular and extroverted guy on the stage. | LGBT(+)

★ Gyeong: A cheerful dancer and also a great at cooking. | LGB(T)(Q)

★ Pixel: Computer savy and harcdore gamer. She is also a bit of a dreamer. | (L)GBT

Let the otterful adventure begin~


Otter of My Life Otter of My Life
Otter of My Life
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