The Boys parodies Justice League’s Snyder Cut in funny video

Picture: First video But The boys likes to aim for current events in United States and with various government figures, it is, ultimately, a superhero show. Superhero culture has been through so much in the last few years since Prime Video series was created, one of the most important events being the release of Zack … Read more

Jason Momoa and James Wan blocked efforts to remove Amber Heard from Aquaman 2

James Wan, Amber Heard and Jason MomoaPhoto: Ethan Miller/Getty Images for CinemaCon The Johnny Depp/Amber Heard libel lawsuit continues to smash its way through the seabed of the subconscious online this week, spewing some of the industry at times factoid or moment of strangeness which inevitably rises to the surface to be dissected and traveled. … Read more

Jurassic Park Sequel Is Truly Lost

The lost World won’t really make you scream.Picture: Universal images Twenty-five years ago this week, I had a very specific and very disappointing thought: “I can’t believe he didn’t use music more.” That was my first thought coming out of a screening of The Lost World: Jurassic Park, the highly anticipated sequel to 1993 smash … Read more

Scott Eastwood will be in Fast X, if anyone cares

Scott EastwoodPhoto: Rich Polk (Getty Images) After a series of exciting Fast and Furious casting notice, we can also add Scott Eastwood to the list of x fastaccording to The Hollywood Reporter. ‘Cause you know what they say: Ithat’s not a Fast family reunion without Little Nobody. Yes, Eastwood will reprise the role he first … Read more

X-Wing & TIE Fighter designer Colin Cantwell has died

Cantwell at an auction of his works in 2014Photo: Jerod Harris (Getty Images) While the great Ralph McQuarrie is rightly remembered as the main visionary behind the look of the star wars universe, he was not the only artist to play a major role in the creation of the original trilogy. There was also Colin … Read more

Everything Everywhere All At Once Breaks A24 Box Office Record

Everything everywhere all at oncePicture: A24 Everything everywhere all at once has carved out an impressive place for itself in recent months; even in front of all those other multiverse movies currently in theatersthe fast and hilarious rhythm of the Daniels The sci-fi flick has been a consistent earner for studio A24 – a studio … Read more

Mike Myers Would Be Happy To Crap A New Shrek Movie Every Year

Mike Myers and ShrekPhoto: Frazer Harrison (Getty Images) Children who grew up watching Shrek movies are now old enough to post weird nostalgia stuff on social media, all of which involve Shrek, resulting in a lot of weird nostalgia circulating Shrek. And now fresh out of this weird Shrek cameo in by Mike Myers The … Read more

Notorious BIG’s digital ghost is here to sell you NFTs

Estate of The Notorious BIG prepares to deal with infamous NFTs, as reported by THR, OH MY GOD. But rest assured, reader, as “The Brook,” the new activation that will allow fans of Biggie Smalls’ music to “own” their own non-existent piece of memorabilia related to him.isn’t just your average NFT drop moving forward for … Read more