Monkeypox vaccine: where to get it | New

The worldwide epidemic of monkeypox affects homosexuals, bisexuals and other men who have sex with multiple male partners. Currently, the risk of contracting monkeypox for the public remains very low. Vaccination is an important prevention strategy to contain the epidemic. Nevertheless, the supply of monkeypox vaccines continues to be low relative to demand nationwide. However, … Read more

Major testing of first possible Lyme vaccine in 20 years begins

DUNCANSVILLE, Pa. (AP) — Researchers are looking for thousands of volunteers in the United States and Europe to test the first potential Lyme disease vaccine 20 years from now – in hopes of better combating the tick-borne threat. Lyme is a growing problem, cases increasing and global warming helping ticks expand their habitat. While a … Read more

Getting more sun may reduce risk of diabetes and heart disease, study finds

The Sun IS Really Good For You: Getting The Recommended Daily Dose Of Vitamin D From Natural Light May Reduce The Risk Of Diabetes And Heart Disease, Study Finds Getting the recommended daily dose of vitamin D may reduce the risk of developing heart disease or diabetes, new research suggests Sunlight is an excellent source … Read more

Men have a greater risk of cancer because of biology NOT because they drink and smoke more, study finds

Men drink and smoke more than women, but that’s not why they have a higher risk of cancer. A major study suggests that biological differences are the real reason for gender disparity. Understanding these differences could help improve prevention and treatment, the researchers say. The study looked at 300,000 middle-aged and older Americans who had … Read more

Two minutes of walking after a meal helps fight diabetes while helping muscles absorb fuel from food, experts say

Two minutes of walking after a meal helps fight diabetes because it helps muscles absorb fuel from food, experts say Departing for a walk 60 to 90 minutes after eating is considered optimal This is when blood sugar peaks and allows muscles to absorb food fuel People should aim for a 15-minute walk, but even … Read more

Arizona man details his diagnosis of monkeypox as cases rise in the country

Arizona man details his diagnosis of monkeypox as cases rise in the country PHOENIX – Monkeypox cases are on the rise in the Phoenix area and across the country, and the Biden administration recently declared the outbreak a public health emergency. Over a hundred cases of monkeypox have been reported in Arizona and getting the … Read more

What to do when your child is more than just a “picky” eater

Photo: (Shutterstock) The little children are foodies—that is both common and Ordinary. However, there are a few signs that your young child might be After just picky. IIf you think your child’s difficulty has moved on to the extreme, but you don’t know exactly why, you may want to ask for help. You may … Read more

Why can’t I get vaccinated against monkeypox?

Photo: Mario Tama / Staff (Getty Images) If you are worried about COVID-19 is a no fuss at make sure you are up to date with your vaccinations and boosters. Whether it is polio At New York what you worry aboutyou should check if you were vaccinated against poliomyelitis when you were a child (if … Read more