Netflix’s ‘The Carter’ Makes ‘The Gray Man’ Look Like Child’s Play

There are thousands and thousands of action movies out there and yet hardly any deliver the pure, gonzo pandemonium of The Carter, a film of such bravery that with each successive set, it feels like it’s actively shaming its genre brethren. Preview of South Korean director Jung Byung-gil The meanie was his own masterpiece of … Read more

Jamie Foxx’s Vampire Killer Pool Cleaner Is A Cry For Help

It’s easy to imagine first director JJ Perry and screenwriters Tyler Tice and Shay Hatten at the pitch meeting for day shiftselling it as lethal weapon riff with hungry vampires and John Wick ultra violence. All that to say there’s absolutely nothing new about this Netflix B-movie (August 12), whose lack of originality is eclipsed … Read more

“Fall” is the most anxiety-provoking film of the summer

There may be nothing on Free SoloElizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin’s incredibly harrowing 2018 documentary about mountaineer Alex Honnold (who achieves his feats without ropes, harnesses or any other protective gear), but To fall remains the most anxiety-provoking film of the summer. The story of two friends who find themselves stranded atop the fourth-tallest … Read more

‘I am Groot’ is a delicious Marvel superhero kids snack

Disney+ has not only allowed Marvel to expand its interconnected universe, it has given the studio the opportunity to branch out into various genres and styles, such as the recent Ms. Marvel, which took a Disney Channel tween-sitcom approach to the MCU’s branding formula, as well as bringing animation into its fold. The latter is … Read more