What to do when your child is more than just a “picky” eater

Photo: photographer.eu (Shutterstock) The little children are foodies—that is both common and Ordinary. However, there are a few signs that your young child might be After just picky. IIf you think your child’s difficulty has moved on to the extreme, but you don’t know exactly why, you may want to ask for help. You may … Read more

Why can’t I get vaccinated against monkeypox?

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What to know about Lyme disease, because it’s on the rise

Photo: heiko barth (Shutterstock) Lyme, the most famous tick-borne disease, is more common than ever, at least judging by health insurance data that includes Lyme diagnoses. Our friends at Gizmodo recently covered new data about the upside (sorry), which is roughly equal to CDC estimates. So what do you need to know to stay safe … Read more