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They/Them debuts on Peacock on August 5, 2022.

A simpler film than its shlocky title suggests, John Logan’s debut They/Them (pronounced “they cut ’em”) finds ways to occasionally hint at the dangers of conversion therapy, but rarely conjure up any real terror. with its scattered saga of serial killers. A slack horror drama that quickly wears out – both narratively and stylistically – it features hints of real character, real horror and real desire, but turns away from each as quickly as a homophobic spotting Ru Paul’s Drag Race. In fact, by the time he reaches his concluding moan, he feels downright loose.

After opening with a genuinely heart-pounding kill sequence on a shady forest path – in which a masked, masked murderer stalks, among other things, a gender-neutral fashionable short-haired woman – They/Them introduces its potential victims, a group of gay teenagers and young adults arriving at an isolated homosexual conversion camp. This is Camp Whistler, whose optimistic motto is “Respect. Renew. Rejoice.” is matched in cadence by his jolly chief advisor, Owen Whistler (Kevin Bacon). gender normativity, but only if they really want to. This element of choice is, of course, illusory, since many children have been sent to Camp Whistler by their parents, but Owen ensures a welcoming atmosphere and unexpected understanding when the protagonist Jordan (Theo Germaine), a non-binary character, asks to be addressed using these pronouns.

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